The Baby Queen Beautique

Handmade items In Dubai for special little baby queens

Baby Wash Cloths

Soft, gentle & cute baby shower presents! Whether it’s to wipe a little dribble or wash their baby soft skin in the bath, these cute little washcloths come in different colours & materials. At 4 inches tall, they’re still small enough to clean tiny little toes & big enough for a daddy to handle.

First up there’s bamboo. It’s gentle & soft and naturally antibacterial. Comes in different colours and the natural fibre is excellent on newborn skin. Very absorbant & takes a little longer than other materials to dry, but worth it. The Dubai sun will have them Dry in no time. Can be washed on a gentle cycle at 30.

Next up there’s cotton. Natural material and available in every colour. Washes well in hotter washes. Still nice & soft and great for infants and small children. A little cheaper than bamboo & will last years! 

Lastly there’s acrylic. For those allergic to natural fibres it’s still soft but with a gentle scrub! Suitable for older children & adults – can also use these as reusable make up remover wipes. acrylic is durable & will last a very long time. Also cheaper than the other two above! 

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